Welcome to The Lodge of Justice No 8361

Date of Warrant 9th December 1970

Date of Consecration 20th March 1971

Meetings 2nd Monday in the month except June / July / Aug at 7:00pm

Installation month March

Origin of the Lodge of Justice No 8361 It all began in 1969 when a number of Stockton brethren realised that they had all attended Stockton Grammar School as boys, enough probably to form a new Lodge, which could be named "The Old Grammarian Lodge. As interest grew in the new Lodge and other brethren expressed the wish to join, it was subsequently agreed that the new Lodge should perpetuate the memory of V.W.Bro. Thomas Jackson, Dep.P.G.M., a highly respected Stockton Freemason who died on 3rd October 1969.

Accordingly, much of the preliminary work having been done, the first official meeting of the Founders of the proposed new Lodge took place in the Masonic Hall, Wellington Street, Stockton-on-Tees, on 12th March 1970. At that meeting, W.Bro.C.V. Armitage was elected Chairman and W.Bro.J Ison as Secretary. The annual subscription was also agreed - 10.00 - inclusive of meals, except Installation Meetings. It was formally agreed to go ahead with the formation of the new Lodge, which subject to official approval, would be named "The Thomas Jackson Lodge" and would meet in the Masonic Hall, Billingham. The Lodge of Freedom would be asked to sponsor the new Lodge and strict Emulation Ritual would be worked. In the event, the name
"Thomas Jackson" was not given official approval and after much deliberation, the name "Lodge of Justice" was selected and approved officially. This would serve to commemorate V.W.Bro.Thomas Jackson's 50 years in the legal profession in Stockton. Consecration The "Lodge of Justice" No.8361 was warranted on the 9th December 1970 and its consecration took place at 3-30pm on Saturday 20th March 1971, the ceremony being held in the Masonic Hall Wellington Street, Stockton-on-Tees.

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. the Rt. Hon. The Lord Barnard, TD performed the consecration ceremony, assisted by the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters W.Bros. T N Thompson PGD and S Hudson PGD, together with 44 Acting Provincial Grand officers present. In addition to the 23 Founders, there were 50 visiting brethren, making a grand total of 117. Consequently the lodge room and later the dining room were both filled to capacity.

The R.W.Prov. Grand Master expressed his pleasure in carrying out his first consecration ceremony since his Installation as Provincial Grand Master in October 1970. Eleven members of the consecrating team were elected to Honorary Membership of the Lodge, sadly there are only two Honorary Members remaining, R.W.Bro. the Rt. Hon. The Lord Barnard, TD and V.W.Bro P Stracey PGSwdB, PDPrGM. Billingham 1971 - 1974

The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held in the Masonic Hall Billingham on Monday 5th April 1971 and included amongst the 33 visitors was W.Bro.J McMurry, Dep. PGM, who had been unable to attend the Consecration meeting. Nine joining members were elected, the first of which was W. Bro. E E Jelley, Mr. Michael Smith (W Master in 1983), was the first candidate for initiation. Stockton-on-Tees 1974 - to date Following the Consecration, meetings were held in the Masonic Hall, Billingham, however, in May 1974 it was unanimously decided to move to Stockton, where the Lodge continues to meet on the second Monday of each month, excluding June, July and August.

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