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This page gives an overview of all the Craft Lodges
and Side Degrees that meet in this building
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Meeting date in month

All 7pm start with exception of installations usually 5:30pm: Consult individual lodge

Installation Month No Meetings
Tees Lodge 509 1st Thursday December June - July - August
Philanthropy 940 3rd Thursday February June - July - Aug
Fraternity 1418 4th Thursday April June - July - Aug
Whitwell 2104 2nd Tuesday October June - July - Aug
Freedom 4027 1st Wednesday April July - Aug - Sept
Unity 6003 4th Monday January July - Aug - Dec
Benevolence 6457 2nd Friday May June - July - Aug
Justice 8361 2nd Monday March June - July - Aug
Stockton on Tees 9667 4th Friday in Jan - March - May - October (10:30am) May  
Side Degree Meetings


Lodge Name Click on link below to browse to individual lodge details Lodge N/o Meeting date 6:45 or 7:00pm start with exception of installations. Consult individual orders Installation Month
Tees Chapter 509 2nd Thursday in Jan - Mar - Nov November
Philanthropy Chapter 940 4th Tuesday in Feb - May - Sept - Nov November
Whitwell Chapter 2104 3rd Tuesday in Feb - Apr - Oct - Dec October
Freedom Chapter 4027 2nd Wednesday in Jan - Mar - Sept - Nov March
Stockton on Tees Chapter 9667 3rd Friday in Jan - June - Nov June
Percy lodge of Mark Masons 122 2nd Thursday in Feb - Apr - Oct - Dec October
St Thomas lodge of Mark Masons 1511 4th Tuesday in Jan - Mar - Apr - Oct (6:45pm) October
Stockton on Tees Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 122 3rd Tuesday in Jan - Mar - Sept - Nov January
Tees Rose Croix 374 1st Friday in Mar - May - Sep - Dec March
Tees Preceptories Knights Templar 316

3rd Wednesday in Jan & Oct

4th Wednesday in March

2nd Wednesday in May (Malta)


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