Stockton Freemasons Notice Board

This notice board is intended for the use of brethren of the Stockton on Tees lodges

If you are visiting another lodge or a Masonic seminar outside this building in Wellington Street Stockton why not add your name and where and when you intend to make your visit to this notice board.

Other brethren can then see who is visiting what and where, and perhaps they intend to make the same visit.

Why not get in touch with each other and arrange to share transport, save fuel costs and make a new friend?

To have your details added to the notice board contact the web master

W.Bro Dave Hodgson (Philanthropy 940)

W.Bro Geoff Payne (Freedom 4027)

Tees Lodge

Ladies Night 12 November 2016


Lodge of Justice

 Quiz Night 19 November 2016


Lodge of Freedom

 Sunday Lunch 20 November 2016



email to have a notice included here.








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